Αν βρείτε εισιτήριο, να πάτε στο Gagarin για τους Vodka Juniors

23 Δεκ.

VODKA JUNIORS (Plisskënlab)

Vodka Juniors | το Σκοτεινό Νησί
23.12.2010 @ Gagarin205

Dear brothers and sisters,

The island has a soul of its own. Its heart beats to the collective rhythm of its inhabitants. Flying dragons, exotic birds, dancing pixies, drunk fairies on magic potions, beautiful witches and old pirates… They all come to life when the music starts. On the 23rd of December music waves will hit the island shore. They will be colorful and gentle at first. Soon these waves will grow into uncontrollable Tsunamis and crash the rocky cliffs into sandy beaches. In the end rough seas will give way to glass-like moon reflecting calmness… then silence…

Welcome to the island… prepare for the most intense party,
VJ Crew

Tickets are NOW available at:

Rhythm Records Em.Mpenaki 74 Exarheia Athens
And online at


Posted by στο 23 Δεκεμβρίου, 2010 in Μουσική




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